Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday 3-1-09 Crescent Cove Laguna Beach

Sunday 3-1-09

Dive: One
Dive Site: Cresent to Deadmans reef
Start Dive: 8:08am
Bottom Time: 62 min
Max Depth: 48'
Temp at Depth: 54 F
Surf: 1-3'
Visibility: 10-15'
Surge: light
Current: none
Dive Buddies: Santiago P.

Met up with Santiago at 7:30 am. We looked at the conditions which were fine. Suited up and headed down the stairs, in the water and descending at the end of the exposed reef west end of Crescent by 8:08 am. Santiago was the designated leader with his compass in hand we arrived at Deadmans reef by 8:30 or so.

On the way I noticed many anemones of varying sizes and colors of green. Purple urchins, and three or four small Greenlings. Once at the reef we had about 10 min. to explore. Saw the pinicle covered with Corynactis -- club tipped anemone of varying colors. There were lots of cracks and holes to peek in. I am looking forward to diving this site off of a boat. More time at the site.

We kicked back again underwater without problems. ie. Santiago got us right back to the sand out of Crescent without hitch. Way to go



謏 約翰 said...

Looking good Robbie, love me

Sean McMunn said...

I like the picture of the anemone, very intrinsic, makes me want to reach out and touch one of the tendrils

Heather said...

sean, listing to you talk makes my brain hurt. love to see that you are for sure getting smarter. hate the fact that your writing could even improve over the years, and is in fact better than it was in high school...cant wait to see you. i'm sure you intrinsic hair will make me want to reach out and touch one of the tendrils. i think i'll have you write my maid of honor speech.

Robin said...

Thank you to Sean and Heather for your encouraging comments. I look forward to being able to improve the neophyte blogging skills I own at present. Robbie