Friday, March 27, 2009

Going backwards in time

Mantis Shrimp

I found this guy at Catalina Island January 31, 2009. I was on the Challenges charter of the Sundiver Express boat. It was a wonderful day with many diverse divers and best of all the Challenges group which included Veterans and volunteers who taught and or helped with classes and certification.

While zig zaging in the sand trying in vain to locate a sunken sail boat, I spied a suspicious curled tail. Little did I know, as I happily followed along, the Mantis Shrimp can be a 'tad' aggressive.

They can actually break aquarium glass. Glad this one was mellow and was kind enough to just out swim me.
They also have four way vision. An intriguing creature, here is a link for more info.

Mantis Shrimp facts: ..

"these two weapons are employed with blinding quickness, with an acceleration of 10,400g and speeds of 23 meters per second, from a standing start. About the acceleration of a .22 caliber bullet.

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謏 約翰 said...

I'm sure Cousteau would trade-in his "Wee Red Bennie" for video like this .. love me