Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thursday 2-26-09 Shaws Cove Laguna Beach

White Tipped Rose Anemone
Moonglow Anemone
2-26-09 Thursday afternoon

Dive Site: Laguna Beach, Shaws Cove.

Dive: One
Start Dive: 1:30Pm
Bottom Time:
Max Depth: 65 feet.
Visibility: 10-15'
Surge: light
Current: none
Buddy:Gerald W.

Gerald and I had a great dive at Shaws in the afternoon. Viz is low in spots. We dropped down at the Foyer and headed for turn around rock. On the way stopping for all interesting creatures we could find. Tree fish, White tip Rose Anemone, Painted Greenlings including a matting pair, Orange puff ball sponge.
For sure the highlight was a nice 18" Thornback Gerald found on the way back in. The video will be posted as soon as I learn how.

The two posted pictures are of a White Tipped Rose Anemone and the second is a Moonglow Anemone which Gerald pointed out to me.

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Gerald said...

Thanks for the awesome dive at Shaw's and it's so nice to have someone taking pictures of all the things I can't identify.

I'm looking forward to many more dives and dive reports :)