Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late Summer and Early Fall

I do believe this is now my all time favorite picture. This juvenile Horn Shark is about twelve inches long. I thank my BBF Ruth for shooing me to the front to get the photo, I usually stay on the side of these wonderful creatures. This little guy sure reminds me of a little piglet for some reason.
Here is a juvenile Garibaldi, the neon blue slowly fades as they mature, this one was about one inch long.
This Sun Star is fairly rare to see off of our South Orange County coast. This one is out on the West-front side of Deadmans. Gerald was with me when we came across this one, Ruth tells me that there are two out there. It was large about twenty four inches across.


Gerald said...

The little horn shark does look like a piglet; very cute. You should definately get the shot blown up.

The sun star was such a great find, so glad you spotted it. My pics didn't come out very good though... I guess we have to go back :)

Kim said...

Robin these pictures are breathtaking! No wonder you spend so much time diving. I must say the starfish is my favorite, but I think I'm biased considering I've always loved them & this one just happens to have all my favorite colors. Just beautiful!

I'll have to keep an eye on your blog now that I know it exists! :)

Evi said...

Loved your Horn Shark pic in the Christmas card :) Thanks...Now we need some new pictures posted here :) I'm sure you've got tons... Happy New Year!