Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laguna in May, Nudibranchs

Hopkins' Rose which is bright rose pink in color, beautiful, and easily found at Shaws cove.
Tylodina fungina sometimes misidentified as a limpet. It has an external cap-shaped shell which is covered with brownish bristles.
Black Dorid
Just one group of Porters chromodorids of the many we saw on dives during the week of May 17 to 21, 2009. The water was spectacular. My buddy Ruth and I spent over three hours total in the crevice at Shaws cove over the course of 4 dives.
A single Porters chromodorid all stretched out looking for food
Another picture of a Chromodorid macfarlandi to show how close in color and shape these are to the Porters, the Macfarlandi have three yellow stripes instead of two

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Gerald said...

Wow, that's nudi-mania! I've never seen that many different nudibranchs at Shaw's in one dive. Nice footage!