Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Record Heat hits Orange County

What do you do when the air temperature is going to top out at 102 F? Why you head to the Pacific Ocean of course.

I met Ruth and shared a great dive with her April 20, 2009. We headed out to the outer area of Shaws Cove, dropped to the bottom and felt cooler as the water temperature was 54 F. Along the way we found at least 12 White-spotted Rose Anemone. I have to share photos of them. While filming one of them, a Sheep Crab was sneaking up behind me. Ruth was waiting to catch him in the 'act' of pinching me, hmm, somewhere. Luckely I turned in time to stay out of his clutches. Obviously a good time was had by all

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謏 約翰 said...

Why you head to the Pacific Ocean of course.
Unless you are off to Colorado last Sat. it was 10 below .. Tuesday its in the low 80's .. oh joy